Building Pathways to Leadership

HDC is dedicated to building a diverse and high-performing team that is passionate about creating meaningful change in the communities we serve. Once an individual joins the HDC team, we believe in creating opportunities for leadership and supporting them as they define their own career paths.

HDC is in the process of building a formalized leadership development program to uplift staff, ensure opportunities for career advancement, and create diverse representation at all levels of leadership in the organization. This program will help HDC build bench strength within our team—identifying emerging leaders and providing them with opportunities that advance their professional goals and support HDC’s mission, vision, and long-term success.

As the program is built out, it will include four quadrants of leadership for staff including skill development, performance development, mental and emotional development, and moral development. Participating members of staff will benefit from a broad-based curriculum designed to support their growth in all areas of leadership development. In tandem, we will develop a mentorship program for individuals who participate in the leadership development program to connect with other leaders within the organization or within the larger community. Graduates of this program will be involved in delivering the curriculum to the next cohort of participants to ensure it is sustainable and long-lasting into the future.

While this program is in the early stages of development, work has already begun with 25 members of staff identified for one-on-one listening sessions to hear their voices and experiences directly. These conversations will help to identify organizational challenges, strengths, and opportunities, and will lay the foundation for this leadership development program.

This year will be dedicated to building out the program with support from training and equity consultant, Impact EDI. HDC’s formalized leadership development program will be rolled out in early 2025.