Hope & Opportunity Fund

The Michael R. Carper Hope & Opportunity Fund was established in 2016 as an emergency fund for residents in need of support to maintain housing stability. Thanks to our committed partners and generous donors, the fund has supported 154 households, with nearly $100,000 given directly to residents.

Grants from the fund, averaging about $600, have helped households navigate the unexpected; reduced hours at work, loss of employment, car repairs, death of a family member, personal medical issues, or caring for a loved one. Life events that happen to all of us but should never mean the choice between paying rent or utility bill and purchasing food for your family—but often do. 

“I am truly honored and so thankful to know that I reside in a development that cares about their tenants on a personal level as to be so concerned and willing to help during times like this… This allows me to feel safe and privileged to be a resident here.”

HDC Resident