A Growing Partnership: Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania

At HDC, we work collaboratively with coalitions and networks to have a greater impact in the communities we serve. The Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania is a state-wide organization and membership network that works with housing, homelessness, and community development service providers and professionals to ensure that low-income households, including individuals experiencing and at risk of homelessness, are receiving adequate resources. 

“HDC MidAtlantic has quickly become an organization that we rely upon here at the Housing Alliance,” said Phyllis Chamberlain, Executive Director of the Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania. “From a consistent and reliable partner in state and federal advocacy to a model of resident engagement including voter registration, HDC just honestly does so much really well. They go beyond what they have to do as a housing provider and really consider how to truly use the stability that their housing provides as a platform for empowerment and well-being.”

HDC works with the Housing Alliance to advocate for an increase of the PHARE program funding cap, the state’s housing trust fund, to $100 million by 2027-28. This apparatus is critical in creating more affordable housing in Pennsylvania, providing services for residents, promoting homeownership, and delivering flexible funding to communities. HDC participates in Home Matters Day, the Housing Alliance’s annual advocacy day at the Pennsylvania State Capitol, to meet with elected officials and support residents as they speak directly with policymakers about the positive impact affordable housing has had on their lives. We are proud to work alongside the Housing Alliance and our peer organizations on this effort, and it is encouraging to see a PHARE increase reflected in Governor Josh Shapiro’s 2024-25 State Budget proposal. This is an important commitment to housing at the state level.

Home Matters Day

We know that the work to increase resources and access to affordable housing is only possible when we all use our voices and vote. HDC provides voter registration and education drives at affordable communities across our footprint, and partners with the Housing Alliance’s Voter Engagement Initiative to further this work. Members of HDC’s staff have presented on voter registration at conferences and on webinars over the last three years.

The Housing Alliance’s Homes Within Reach Conference provides a platform to engage with peers and share best practices as we learn and lead in the work every day. Members of HDC’s staff have presented on various topics at this conference including resident leadership and engagement, partnership with resident services and property management, and eviction prevention.

Resident Empowerment Award

HDC was honored to receive the Housing Alliance’s Resident Empowerment Award, which recognizes our commitment to resident engagement, empowerment, and leadership. At HDC, we strive to see empowered residents achieving personal success in vibrant, thriving affordable housing communities that are equitable, accessible, and affordable for generations to come. Resident leadership and engagement are ways we achieve this goal, and we were thankful that this work was acknowledged and amplified by the Housing Alliance.

We feel fortunate that our partnership with the Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania positively impacts so many different areas of our work. When we collaborate with organizations that share our values, we are able to do more and do better for the residents and communities we serve.