Be a Neighbor: Joan Sehl, Southgate Apartments

A home that is safe, welcoming, and affordable is the cornerstone of success in other areas of life. For Joan, a resident at Southgate Apartments in Berks County, her centrally located affordable apartment has helped her stay connected to her community – both inside her apartment complex and beyond it.

Joan Sehl, resident at Southgate Apartments in Leesport, PA

“I’m busy,” she shared. “I have a full life.”

She says that the affordability and the location of her apartment is what gives her the freedom to engage with her passions and be so involved with her neighbors.

“This apartment has been a God send. It gives me a lot of flexibility,” she says. “The affordability is unparalleled.”

Joan was a member of HDC’s Resident Advisory Council during its first year, sharing her unique perspective as a resident to inform decision-making at the organization. She reflects that it was an honor to participate and engage with fellow residents from other HDC affordable housing communities.

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I’ve lived in my apartment for about a year and a half. I applied at three different HDC communities when I was looking, all in the Berks County area. I knew someone who lived here at Southgate and said it was nice.

I was living with my adult daughter at the time. We had been living together for four years. I helped her in the beginning when she moved down from Vermont. She moved in with me and then after I got sick, she stayed with me to help me out. At a certain point, it was like OK, someone has to go. I decided I would go. I needed to find a place. That’s when I started looking.

I kept contacting the regional manager and told her that I really wanted a one-bedroom. She called me and said there’s no one-bedrooms but there is a two-bedroom at Southgate. I went over my finances to see if I could swing it. I decided to take it but told her I wanted to get into a one-bedroom when it becomes available. I realized that one-bedroom apartments don’t open up that often. I have two dogs. I finally moved in June into a one-bedroom and I’m really happy with it.

I’m actually thrilled that I got in here. I absolutely love this complex. Our community manager is really good. I love that the community is centrally located. It’s the most convenient of the three places I applied. I really love it here and can’t imagine moving any more.

The neighbors across the hall and next door, I help them out when they need it. I do whatever I can, but I am a very busy person.

I spend time with my family and friends. I go to the theatre with my daughter. I’ll go to her place a lot to dog sit for her. I go shopping for groceries. I’m just busy and I’m glad I’m mobile yet. I’m sure at one time that will change, but I’m not there yet. I have a full life.

This apartment has been a God send. It gives me a lot of flexibility. The affordability is unparalleled.