This week HDC MidAtlantic announced major contributions from The Steinman Foundation and the United Disabilities Services Foundation (UDS) in support of its development of the Apartments at College Avenue in Lancaster. The Steinman Foundation has committed $1.5 million, and UDS $750,000 toward costs for the first of a two-phase affordable housing plan as part of the redevelopment of the former UPMC/St. Joseph’s hospital site. Phase one will include the creation of around sixty apartments.

“We are thrilled that these two partners have pledged their early support of HDC’s vision to build more affordable housing in Lancaster,” stated Dana Hanchin, President and CEO of HDC. “But for The Steinman Foundation’s contribution this project could not happen. And the contribution from UDS helps us reach some of the most vulnerable households in our community. These investments not only make sure the Apartments at College Ave are affordable for years to come, they will leverage more vital private investment in the redevelopment of this important site for the city.”

The development represents HDC’s latest effort to meet the overwhelming need for affordable housing and counteract rising rent costs in the city. Every week HDC receives hundreds of inquires about its housing, and hears countless stories of area residents struggling to find adequate housing. According to a comprehensive study this year by the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA), Lancaster County needs nearly 7,000 additional homes affordable for low-income households to meet current demand.

Monthly rent at the Apartments at College Avenue will range from $200 to $850. And homes will be limited to residents with annual incomes ranging from $12,000 to $40,000—typical income for essential workers in the community such as home health aides and retail workers.

“The Steinman Foundation is pleased to support such an important and transformational component of the plan to redevelop the vacant UPMC Pinnacle campus,” notes Shane Zimmerman, President of the Foundation. “Lancaster County is in dire need of high-quality affordable housing and we are confident that the HDC MidAtlantic team will execute and deliver a best in class product. We are fortunate to have their expertise and experience headquartered here in our community and we are thrilled that the project will be further enhanced by the support of United Disabilities Services.”

Phase one of HDC’s proposed development will include the construction of a five-story building with one- and two-bedroom affordable apartments at 213 College Avenue, across the street from the main hospital site. Total cost for this phase is expected to be $15.4 million

Funding from UDS makes possible the construction of twelve fully ADA accessible apartments within the development, twice as many as HDC is usually able to provide. And all apartments in the building will be visitable for guests with disabilities. Additional funding will establish a rent subsidy for twelve special needs households for fifteen years.

Bill Kepner, President and CEO of UDS adds,

“Our vision and mission align very well with HDC so it is a pleasure to partner with them on what is a sorely needed and vital housing project. Persons with disabilities are living longer life spans, outliving their parents and many are facing a future with no place to live. This investment is missional for us and not creating any profits, but more importantly is helping to create 12 affordable accessible units that exceed the ADA requirements, assist to end segregation of housing available to people with disabilities, give them the right to choose where they wish to live while providing accommodations to their needs including rental subsidy.”

HDC will apply for Low Income Housing Tax Credits from PHFA in February 2021. Tax credits are expected to provide about two thirds of the funding needed to complete phase one of the development. HDC plans to develop an additional 50-60 affordable homes on two additional parcels of land connected to the hospital campus. The redevelopment of the hospital site is a partnership of HDC and Washington Place Equities, a Baltimore-based firm planning a mix of residential, retail, and office space.

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About The Steinman Foundation

The Steinman Foundation is a private foundation dedicated to improving the quality of life in, and the communities that comprise, Lancaster County, PA.  It was founded by the Steinman family nearly 70 years ago and has been funded with profits from their businesses, principally LNP Media Group, Inc. and other Steinman Communications companies.  Today, it’s principal areas of focus are economic and workforce development; early childhood education; community journalism and media literacy; and community stewardship. Since inception, the Foundation has granted approximately $100 million to charitable endeavors. For more information, visit

About United Disabilities Services 

UDS is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Lancaster, PA, and serves over 55 counties throughout Pennsylvania. UDS is committed to helping seniors, veterans and people with disabilities live their best life possible by enhancing their abilities and changing their lives to be more independent and fulfilling. UDS has developed a wide variety of services and programs that improve quality of life and expand boundaries – including Care Management, Accessible Home Modifications, Service Dogs, Mobility Rehab Equipment, Employment Services and more. Today, almost 500 caring, dedicated employees proudly serve this vulnerable population and last year alone, provided services to more than 7,500 clients, enabling them to live happily, more independently, and in control of the decisions that affect their lives. For more information, visit