HDC’s people-centered approach to housing recognizes that a safe, stable, affordable home is just the beginning. When an individual is stably housed, they are able to focus on other personal goals. HDC’s Resident Services team is designed to support individuals who are living in HDC affordable communities, assessing their needs, and connecting them with service providers and resources. Often, financial literacy is an area of focus for residents who want to build their knowledge. Increased financial literacy helps individuals maintain the housing they worked so hard to secure and can create other opportunities for economic growth and mobility.

Truist, a financial institution that believes in financial education and support, understands the important link between financial security and housing stability. Whenever possible, HDC collaborates with mission-driven organizations to provide services to residents. HDC’s Resident Services team works with Truist to host financial literacy workshops on a variety of topics including include Banking & Budgeting Basics, Budgeting During a Crisis, Becoming a Homeowner. Truist also offers individual counseling meetings to help residents establish credit or repair their credit history.

These one-on-one and group educational opportunities have a positive impact on residents. Truist has hosted educational programs at communities in Berks and Lancaster counties over the last three. Additional programs are scheduled through the summer and fall.

We are fortunate that our partnership with Truist extends into support as a corporate sponsor and grant maker that funds our affordable housing developments including the upcoming Apartments at College Avenue in Lancaster, PA. When we collaborate with like-minded partners, we are able to do more. This relationship is a great example of how we can come together to support residents as they pursue their individual goals, while also helping us achieve our larger mission of building hope and opportunity for all residents through the creation, preservation, and strengthening of affordable housing communities.